Till the time children are under the full supervision of their parents they feel safe, however they are not prepared to face the outside world independently. Joining the formal educational institute directly could be traumatic for some children. Thus we provide a perfect transition medium to prepare children for formal education.

Klub talantlivykh detey, is a private kindergarten for kids between the age group of 4 – 9 yrs of age. The child, for the first time, leaves the comfort of the home and enters a new unexplored world. We provide that first platform wherein the child is away from parents for some hours, however still feels safe, loved and comfortable to embrace this new world. Our professionally trained teachers work hard to provide a highly stimulating and engaging environment which suits the age appropriate educational requirement of the child. This type of environment prepares the child to adapt well and succeed in their future formal educational endeavours.

Love and Care is our Foundation

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When a parent drops their kid to a school, they always fear about the kind of treatment that their child will get. A lot of times kids get naughty, after all kids will be kids. At home such behaviour is dealt with patience but we always fear that others might not show so much of patience with our kids. To rest these doubts in the minds of the parents, we have developed our institution which is founded on the principles of ‘love and care’. For this we take utmost care while inducting our teachers. All of them are highly trained and professional teachers who are well versed with the psychology of children and deal with them accordingly with lots of patience, love and care.

We believe in developing a strong rapport with all our kids which is only possible with all the unconditional love and support being provided by our teachers. The kids feel cherished and comfortable in all those hours when they are at our institution.

Because of all the love and care that kids receive at our institution, they open up easily and are more receptive of the knowledge being imparted to them. They learn various concepts and skills through the numerous play activities developed by our skilled teachers.

Safety and Security

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We understand that till the time there is scepticism in terms of the safety of the children, neither the parent nor the child would feel comfortable. To counter this scepticism, we lay a lot of emphasis on the safety and security of the children. Infrastructure is developed in such a way that the whole surrounding is child friendly. Children can play uninhibited without worrying about getting hurt. In case, if at all the child gets hurt then we have proper and prompt first aid available on the premises along with tie up with the nearest medical institution where the child could be taken in case of any exigency.

Our alert teachers keep a strong vigil on children and if they notice that any child is not feeling well or has been slightly hurt, then firstly we call up the parents to inform. We keep a strong track on the health condition or allergies of the child and offer medication accordingly. For this we continuously seek support from the parents.

Along with this, we keep a strong vigil on the security inside the school premises. No one is allowed inside the school premises without prior appointment. Proper I-cards are allocated to all the students, staff and support staff. In case there is a visitor, then that person is required to give full details regarding the purpose of visit, contact person and his personal contact details before entering the premises. Visitor’s entry is only restricted to school reception and visitors are given a visitor I-card which they have to return while going out.

Hygienic Meals

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We provide hygienic meals to all our students at school which is a part of our fee structure. The parents don’t have to worry about preparing a lunch for the child. High quality and nutritious meals are served to children, which are cooked keeping in mind the taste preferences of the children.

Monthly meal charts are shared with the parents to keep them updated about the food being served at the school.

Parental Involvement

Картинки по запросу Parental InvolvementIn order to maintain transparency, we believe in keeping the parents updated about all that is happening at the school. Teachers send home projects to update the parents about the concepts being taught at the school. This also helps the child to revise those concepts at home. Along with this, we constantly send emails or messages to parents to update them about any assessments or activities that are going to happen in near future. This helps the parents to prepare their child accordingly at home also.

At the same time, our teachers share photographs of the various fun activities in which children participate. The crafts that they make are put on display at school or sent for parents to appreciate.

Apart from this, regular Parent Teacher Meetings are held where the parents get proper and detailed feedback of the development of their child and can share their concerns also. We always keep the parents in the loop to update them about the various activities arranged at school and about the development of the child.

Innovative Curriculum

Our curriculum is developed in a highly innovative way by our professionally trained teachers. Instead of focusing on ‘rote learning’ we believe in ‘learning by doing’. Thus, a major part of our curriculum comprises of activities which focus on ‘experiential learning’. Children get to touch and feel the objects about which they learning. It also involves lots of role playing which also help in developing the concept of social skills in children.

Teachers use various tools to stimulate auditory and visual senses of the child. The greater the number of senses getting stimulated while learning a concept, greater is the perceptibility on the part of the child and better is the recall and recognition of the concept at later stage. Various audio-visual tools are used which teaching different concepts such as rhymes, alphabets, social values etc.

We put a lot of emphasis on language development and also resort to specialized guidance from speech therapist to enhance the process of language development of a child. This instils a lot of confidence in the child and helps them to express themselves in a better way in front of others. Apart from local language, we put a lot of emphasis of learning English as we understand that English is globally accepted medium of language. This helps in developing the personality of the child in the long run. This also helps them attain visibility on a global platform at a later stage.

Apart from focusing on the academic concepts, we also provide various extracurricular trainings such as art and craft, choreography, music, theatre, gymnastics, sand drawing etc. This helps in unleashing the hidden talent of the child. Once unleashed and recognized, the child can receive a specialized training to excel in that particular field.

Child Psychologist

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There are times that a child is getting disturbed due to certain internal issues or is unable to achieve developmental milestones at the proper age. This hampers their growth and affects their personality. Most of the time, these issues go unnoticed at home. For this we have our own in house child psychologist, who helps in identifying problem areas affecting behaviour, attitude or learning of the child. Half the work is done when the problem is recognized at the right time. With proper parental involvement, the problem could be resolved at the school level or recommended to a more specialized expert who would help to nip the problem in the bud and to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem.