A seed well sowed and nurtured, grows up to become a strong and fruitful tree. We, at “IQ for YOU”, strongly believe in this philosophy and thus we put in our best efforts to bring out the best in every child. Love and care are the founding stones of  IQ for YOU, which is like a castle full of joy and happiness for the kids where they can learn and grow. We have a team of professionally trained teachers, who know the growing requirements of small children and attend to them accordingly. We understand that every child is different, gifted with different talents, interests and capabilities. We try to understand each child and help out to recognize and develop the best in every child.

Private Kindergarten in ukraine

We help to develop a positive attitude in children by giving them lots of love to blossom and feel cherished. We introduce kids to a world of endless possibilities and give them wings to fly, while focusing on giving them strong roots.

Kindergarten is the transition stage from home to proper school. It helps the child to prepare for the formal schooling. The experience of the child at kindergarten and the exposure that they receive here moulds the whole perception of the child on how he views schooling and is more perceptible towards it. Thus, we try to cover all the aspects of the development of a child in order to prepare him well for formal schooling.

We provide them with world class infrastructure, stimulating learning environment, various activities, proper exposure to develop their confidence, basic manners and good habits and last but the most important, professionally trained teachers who are highly passionate to bring out the best in all the children.


We provide world class infrastructure to our kids. The building is new and vibrant with lots of colour which attracts children. We understand that environment shapes our attitude, behaviour and influences our learning, so we provide kids with colourful and vibrant interiors. This helps kids to get comfortable with the surroundings and thus enhances learning. Proper open spaces are there, which helps the kids to unleash themselves, play around, run and give wings to their thoughts. Apart from the campus being visually attractive, we have paid a lot of emphasis on the child safety. Utmost care has been taken to maintain and enhance:

  • Proper lighting

  • Safety and security

  • Comfortable temperature inside the classrooms

  • Clean and sterile air and surroundings

  • Lots of space for children to play and unwind themselves

  • Visually appealing interiors

  • Safety measures in the play area

  • Clean and hygienic food and water

  • Various tools and toys to enhance creativity and analytical skills

Parental involvement

We emphasize on parent involvement as we understand that the parent forms a cardinal point in the life of a child. Children look up to their parents for admiration and love. A small smile or a nodding approval from parents makes up the day of the child. Same is the case with parents. A hug or an unrestricted laughter of the young one brightens up the day of a parent.

We understand that along with the child, the parents are also growing up with them. Thus we focus on positive parenting, where in we make the parents a part of the growing stage of the child. We keep them updated of all the developments and in turn require their involvement also to bring out the best in their child. We conduct various activities where in we require presence of the parents to applaud the achievements of their children. Along with this, timely Parent Teacher Meetings are held to understand if there is any lacuna in the growth of the child. Teachers are open to parental feedback and prompt with their feedback on the growth of each and every child. Apart from these meetings, parents can meet the teachers on any of the working days during the working hours in order to resolve any confusion. Our well trained teachers help understand the troubles being faced by the parents in parenting and suggest suitable measures to help them improve their parenting styles.


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Each day at “IQ for YOU”, is planned in such a way that it fosters all dimensions of development of a child. We focus on experiential learning, wherein all the students as motivated to learn by doing or experiencing it personally. We put emphasis on learning while playing by including lots of activities in our curriculum. This makes learning about complex situations and tasks very easy for children. We aim to provide a stimulating play environment for the children to enhance their overall development focusing on different aspects such as physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of a child. The activities that are part of our curriculum focus on following areas of development:

  • Physical development: We follow the approach that focuses on “let children be children”. We pay a lot of emphasis on physical activities which include running, outdoor games and fun exercises. Our wide open playgrounds give a lot space to kids to be themselves and enjoy their childhood.

  • Cognitive Development: We understand the wide spectrum of nature vs nurture approach and know the importance of both. We completely agree with the approach which stresses that IQ of a child in not completely dependent on the genes that they inherit, rather also dependent on the environment to which they get exposed to while growing up. To this end, we try to provide all the essential aids and tools to enhance the cognitive development of the kids. This helps them to develop their analytical skills in order to deal with complex situations in later life.

  • Language Development: We put lot of emphasis on development of language as it helps a child to express himself in a better and crisp way. For this, we include rhyme recitals, storytelling, dramatization and picture reading in our curriculum. This gives way to free and structured expression of language which also helps in streamlining the thoughts of the child.

  • Development of social skills: Social skills play a very important and long lasting role in the life of a person. They mould the way in which we interact with others, conduct ourselves in social gatherings, work in teams, lead others etc. The founding stones of this important skill are laid in the childhood. Teaching good manners, camaraderie, inculcating sharing nature etc. is done at this stage. We help to develop these skills in the children through various role plays, storytelling, group activities etc. These help them to understand the right way to interact with other. This goes a long way in life.

  • Unravelling creativity: All the children are born with certain inbuilt creativity and all they require is the right environment and attention to unravel their creativity. We provide children to express themselves freely and to unravel their creative endeavours. For this we provide our kids with stimulating environment wherein they can explore their talent in different fields such as dance, music, arts and craft, sports etc.

Well Trained Teachers

We completely agree that teaching, specially to young children, is not only about imparting knowledge, however it is more about nurturing the child so that the child can freely blossom in all the aspects of life. For this, the presence of a professionally trained teacher is a must, who can appreciate different requirements of different children. Our team includes professionally trained teachers who provide love as the platform on which children develop themselves embrace all aspects of life.

Apart from inducting well trained teachers, we also pay attention to continuously upgrading their skills and to keep them abreast with the new developments happening in the area of child development. This helps the teachers to utilize novel and innovative ways to deal with the children in a more patient way.